samedi 2 février 2013

¡Hola Madrid!

¡ Iida en Madrid !

Here's a short story about my lastest trip to Madrid to visit my dear friend Pinja.
 I arrived there on the wednesday night, January 16th, from Marseille. 
I had couple hours in Marseille after my 6hrs trip from Bordeaux.
 It was my second time in the southern capital of France. So I simply wandered around taking some photos of the European Capital of Culture 2013.

La nuit à Marseille 


Pinja at Lauriina's doorstep
On thursday 17th I got to know the Spanish capital while walking around the town. I really liked the city with all the beautiful and colorful buildings - it was a nice change after Bordeaux's plain sandstone architecture. For my great suprise my australian friend Holly back from Rotary exchange happened to be there on exchange as well! It had been four years since I saw her the last time, so I was really looking forward to seeing her again. And the funniest part is that she's living in Madrid with another Finn! The girl also used to be a Rotary Exchange Student but in New Zeland! I didn't have an occation to meet her though, which really is a shame.

During those 5 days of holidays I met Lauriina, Pinja's friend from her university back in Finland, and her roommates from all over the world.
We had such a fun time with them! I obviously tasted some tapas and churros y chocolate, and went to el Parque del Buen Retiro.
We visited two art museums, the famous Museo Nacional del Prado where I found lots of paintings we had studied in art history like Velasquez or Greco, and the contemporary art museum Reina Sofia where I got to see the Picasso's famous Guernica !

My short holiday was absolutely relaxing and chill after the hard autumn full of work, a break of everything, without being forced to think about school. The Spanish living rhythm is completely different than in France for example, especially when the girls had classes only on the evenings! So we woke up at 10 at the earliest and didn't go to sleep before 2 am ! The trip wasn't really for gaining strength but I really needed that break, it surely was worth it!

Here are some photos from this amazing trip,
take a look & enjoy!

Out for some tapas

¡Que delicioso!


Museo Nacional del Prado

Girls night - get togethering with Holly!

La Maja desnuda

Madrid by night


Las chicas

Churros y chocolate

    Besos, Iida

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  1. Iida! Mä e edes tienny et sulla on blogi :D saatan olla kyllä kateellinen tosta madridin reissusta.... kyllä mäkin vielä joskus

    1. En oo pitänyt mitää hirveen suurta metelii siitä, mitä nyt välil mainostanu fb:ssä. Sillon Bretagnessa tän alotin, mut en kirjota mitenkää säännöllisesti, sillon ku siltä tuntuu ja ku kerkii:) Kyl sä vielä Sonja!! I believe in you!;)


    Haastetta neitoselle ! Ihanat kuvat muuten. :)