jeudi 21 février 2013

Come over people !

Liina and I making a sand mermaid

my dear Antoine<3

 Lately I've been looking back my life, especially the moments when I had friends coming over while living in France.
I mean I have many wonderful friends here, but I still do miss my friends back in Finland and my international mates all around this globe! So this is an invitation to all of you: please come over! I'd love to have visitors and see you guys again, I miss you!!
Talking about past, the first visit I received here in France was in Douarnenez, a little breton town by the sea and it was paid by Liina (my lovely Finnish friend who was living in Agen, France as an au pair at the time) and Antoine, my dear bordelais host brother back from Rotary Exchange! We had maybe one of the most amazing weeks of my life including chilling on the beach, wandering in Quimper and in Douarnenez, meeting new people, having crazy parties & simply enjoying being young and alive!

 Then it was my cousin Sanna who came to Bretagne in April, as well as my parents and my brother Olli did around Easter. I introduced them to Douarnenez, to Quimper, to Brest and to Locronan - a tiny stone village. The two times the weather was quite nice, and they all were amazed of Bretagne's breathtaking beauty.
Annika & Sanna

"<- I live over there"
After having moved to Bordeaux in September 2011, my cousins Sanna ja Annika came over for couple days. I showed them Bordeaux, Arcachon and Dune du Pyla (the biggest dune in Europe!) by the Atlantic Ocean. We had a great time: it was a cousins' get-together  !

  Later the same year, my brother and her girlfriend Emmi came over with my parents. We spent time in Bordeaux, went to Pyla as well, because after all it's something you should see at least once in your life!
My folks, brother and Emmi at my chéri's parents'

 <-We also went to the beautiful countryside at my chéri's in Aillas and had a lovely dinner on the 1st of December, you really wouldn't tell, check out the photos!

Pyrenees & mama
During the Spring Break 2012 my parents came  over once more, and this time we went skiing to the Pyrenees. It was amazing, third time for myself and the first for my parents. We stayed in a tiny hostel/B&B kind of accommodation and had great food. It's crazy how much French can eat on the mountains!! We also stopped in Spain and in Toulouse.

Next I got visitors in February 2012 when my friend Linda and a friend of hers, Oliver, came to Paris. I took a train up there to join them for the weekend and to pick them up to Bordeaux for couple days. Paris was just awesome in the awesome artistic company! We went to the Amélie café where they had filmed it, we visited the famous Père-Lachaise cemetery just to be able to say hi to Jimmy (Morrison)! Being art students, we obviously visited some museums: Louvre, Centre Pompidou, Orangérie...

Bordeaux was lots of fun as well, and I basically skipped the whole week of uni. Instead we went to Pyla once more, to THE wine town called Saint-Émilion.. We saw concerts, went out to my favorite bar Chat qui pêche and lots lots more!

So that was it!
I guess this post was kinda an advertisement haha;)
Of the people who HAVE visited me! And SO should you;)
My parents and my bro are coming soon at least, in Easter we will stay around Bdx, maybe visit Lascaux and its famous prehistorical cave paintings!

Hope to see you soon then,

Lots of loveeeee


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