dimanche 17 février 2013

Baking, sun & spring

                                           Hey everybody!
I've been baking through two weekends because of two Finnish National Days called Runebergin päivä and Laskianen.

On February 5th we celebreate Runebergin päivä (Runeberg's Day), named after the Finnish National Poet Johan Ludvig Runeberg. Runeberg is known for his lyrics to our National Anthem Maamme, to give an example.


This cake called Runebergintorttu or Runeberg's tart was one of the poet's favorites (created by a baker called Lars Astenius), so far that his wife started to make these for him using all kinds of ingredients she might have found in the house. The pastry is flavored with almonds and usually with rum or arrack, having a raspberry jam and sugar topping. My variation was more crispy than the original one, made without alcool, but using strawberry jam instead.

In Finland we celebrate Laskiainen or Shrove Tuesday by eating a pastry called Laskiaispulla and by sledging with friends and family. The word laskiainen itself comes from the word sledging. Laskiaspulla is based on dessert bread, but what makes it A Laskiaispulla it's a whole different story:

1. Strawberry jam heart
2. Whipped cream

These two delices made a huge succes among my chéri's family! Every single piece was eaten quite quickly.

We also had a beautiful weather this weekend after a long period of cold rain. So we decided to enjoy the gorgeous weather and go outside for a walk. We went to the Garonne River's side canal near a village called Fontet. Here are some photos, take a look:

First flowers!

Hope you had a great weekend, I certainly did!

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