jeudi 5 avril 2012

Well, today wasn't my day..

A beautiful rainy day in Aillas

First in the morning I wake up, get in to the tram and realise on my way, that the essay I had take with me (the one I needed to do for to day) was the 1st version of it! Not the good one as obvious.. shiiit. and the next class will be the last one, oh well..

THEN, when I finally arrive at the university, I go to buy a coffee. Happy to have it, I start to climb up the stairs and well OUPS.....I fall down....with my coffee..
Luckily, it didn't fall on me. And I hadn't even touched it!!!

After another essay we wrote on class, we were discussing about the topic on tram with my friends, I realize I had wrote in the introduction (about "What pushes an artist to make a representation of him/herself?") that since the FIFTH century the artists have been making autoportaits... I meant to write since FIFTEENTH century.. another shit!

Until the night I didn't do anything stupid... Around seven I was about to take a train to mon chéri's, but he hadn't told his parents, who should have come to pick me up, and well, they had left somewhere, where he couldn't reach them. A night alone then...
 I arrive back home, I go to the frigde and want to drink some apple juice... well, dunno HOW it happened, but I tropped it on the was a glass bottle... and yes, it did broke. I didn't mention it was almost full??!

Well, this was Iida's Thursday's Gone Bad, hope I'm not gonna have many of these...
I have this dreaming about travels -feeling after having read my drawing teacher's comic book about the life in Madagascar, so I probably gonna watch Eat Pray Love just to tease myself.. hehe.
And to dream even more.
Well, I enjoyed sharing this with you, thanks for it.
Bye bye!

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