mardi 3 avril 2012

Long time no see

I'm sorry haven't been really active blogger lately, because of all the work I have had to do and still do! And because of some technical problems with internet..

I wanted to write in English so that most of my friends would be able to read this.
It's incredible how the time flyes, I'm almost done with my first year of university!
I have less than two weeks left of classes, 4 exams to go..
Eventhough I'm not so found of this French University system, I can't say I haven't learned anything.
I've learned to draw better, to analyse my thoughts and productions, to mix painting to find other colors, new techniques, art history, contemporary art, aesthetics, methodics (that i really think is worth of nothing..), graphics, cinema history and even Spanish!

I've got lots of new friends, learned how to live alone (or almost alone..) and to enjoy my time, as I didn't know it anyways muhaha.. Enjoy Bordeaux and the lovely contryside.

Nevertheless, I'm happy for the end.
I really look forward to the time, I can just do or create what and whenever I want, enjoy the weather or just do nothing. Nothing at all.

The 9th May we'll head up to Irland with mon chéri for 3 awesome weeks, it'll be amazing.
Then I hope I'll pop up to Finland for an entrance exam to see everybody and enjoy Finnish summer, the best of them all!
And to be able to stop in Scotland at my cousin's with my dear friend Liina and retour to Bordeaux with her and our lovely Linda!! Second round for Chat qui pêche and all the pubs in Bordeaux, beware youselves people, it's gonna be Le-gendary!

I gotta retour to my work, but I just wanted to present you some photography of my latest work for Personal Mythologies. These photos are just the main elements in my final work, you'll get to see it soon enough, pinky promise!!

Love, Iida

Idea: ME!
Photos: Elvira Bakhteyeva

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