lundi 16 mai 2011

Paris, oh Paris!

This time I feel like writing in English. Maybe it's because I spent my weekend in Paris in Rachel Macleod's awesome company and spoke mostly English.
So here we go!

I went to spend my 3rd last weekend here in France in Paris. I wanted to see my friend Rachel, since the last time was over 2 years ago.
Time flies, huh?

We did so many things during that crazy weekend:
Met the most rude & the most friendly parisiens,
visited Amélie's favorite places,
saw some cool graves (cool graves?!) at Père-Lachaise,
went out for la nuit des musées,
and so much more..

Dear photos, tell your story.

Dear Rachel.

Student café near SciencesPo.

Peace, la Paix


Café des deux Moulins.

Jardin parisien.

Comme ils sont mignons!

Crème brûlée chez Amélie. Mmm.

Canale St. Martin

Vintage boutique.

Chilling at Buttes-Chaumont Park.

Sacre Coeur

187 888 lakes & 179 584 islands !

Hôtel de ville.

Monet at musée l'Orangerie.

Coco Chanel


Fleet market

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