mercredi 9 octobre 2013

Kaixo Euskal Herria!

New country. New city. New university. 
New apartment. New friends. New language. 
Una Nueva Vida..

Yo, Alejita y prensas(?)

It's been a month since I arrived here in Bilbao. For the first 3 weeks I lived in a hostel, sharing a room with a friend, new roommates and some strangers. I started studying straight away and the beginning seemed very promising. I got to know my future flatmates better, got used to listening and, quite suprisingly, understanding Spanish. In the end of the week I was exhausted but I could be happy to say:  
¡Entiendo casi todo!

I had to spend the first weekend without my helper and traductrice Alejandra, but I got along way better than expected: I spend a chill afternoon with my new roomate Philippe wandering around town & discovering it. On our way back home I was introduced to Tomek from Poland and Linus from Sweden. Later I ended up going to a feria with them and some other people in Galdácano, a town next to Bilbao. We had a great time listening the music and dancing in the rain. The night continued in a small nightclub in Bilbao and I was finally home by seven am. The next evening I went tomar algo (=have a drink) y hablar español with Anna, a new Ukrainian friend I got to know en la feria.

Nuevos amigos en la feria de Galdácano

Poco a poco the daily life started to take form, classes went on slowly, I was catching more and more Spanish words and expressions, most of them gracias a francés. Bilbao got more and more familiar with its bares a tapas con sus pintxos, tortillas, tintos y blancos.. My dear friend Linda from Vienna came down for couple of days and together we went back to France. I needed to have a crazy reunion with mes mademoiselles in Bordeaux and some quality time with my love.. 

Linda, Ale y Iida con el Guggenheim

Last week the hostel finally closed up and we got our rooms... ¡Que bien!
So now I have my little personal space with my stuff.. But I can still hear perfectly my roomate Imanol behind the wall.. since there's no wall on the ceiling. On wednesday Imanol invited us to Vitoria to experience a Spanish electro-rock was pretty interesting music.. ¡pero muy raro! I also started to hablar más español especialmente con Alejandra.. aaaand spent the weekend in Francia con mi amor<3

Mi habitación

Una pintura

Now 4 weeks have gone and I have to admit that..
 1. Spain and especialmente País Vasco es muy caro (=expensive)
 2. No tengo windows in my new "hostel dorm"
 3. I still don't speak enough español.
 4. I do understand a big lot of it.
 5. Bilbo is beautiful and ugly at the same time.
 6. Going out (drinks & tapas) is pretty cheap (tinto+pintxo=1€!)
 7. I haven't really studied/worked hard.
 8.  I haven't discovered enough Spain.
 9. I should have more Spanish friends.
 10. I should viajar, trabajar y disfrutar más.

View from la universidad

I've been though having a hell of a good time here, and will be having mucho mucho más.

Here's a corto video of soon-to-be-song composed by Linus & Iida.

¡Agur, hasta luego!

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